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What is ShopWithScrip?


  • Raise money by purchasing gift cards for every day items on ShopWithScrip.com or MyScripWallet.

  • These gift cards have a rebate percentage (usually between 2% and 16%), which will go directly toward your gymnast’s competition fees.

  • Gift cards are available from over 750 retailers.


What are the benefits?


  • Fundraising while you shop®.

  • Year-round fundraiser.

  • No selling door-to-door or asking co-workers/neighbors/etc. for donations.

  • Out of town family and friends can participate.


What kinds of gift cards are available to purchase?


  • Grocery stores

  • Department stores

  • Gas Stations

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels and Travel

  • And many more!


Three Types of Gift Cards


  • Physical gift card ordered from the ShopWithScrip.com website

  • ScripNow and ReloadNow gift cards, which are e-gift cards directly emailed to you to print out.

  • MyScripWallet which is a mobile website where you can purchase gift cards on your mobile device.  These are available immediately.


How will my funds be applied?


  • Any funds raised will be credited to your account monthly, and will offset the balance due at the END of the payment cycle.  (As in, your last payment will be less or not happen at all.)


Can out of town friends and families use ShopWithScrip?


  • Yes!  All they need is our unique enrollment code.  They will also need to indicate during check out which gymnast they are helping to raise funds for.


How do I pay for ShopWithScrip Gift Cards?


  • Premier Gymnastics Booster Club has chosen to use the PrestoPay option, which is an ACH secure payment program that will be linked directly to your checking account.


If I purchased physical gift cards on the ShopWithScrip.com website, how do I receive them?


  • Your coordinator will send an email once the gift cards have arrived and been processed to set up pick up times at the gym.



How to Order ScripNow on your phone.

How to setup Online PrestoPay