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TAGG|Together A Greater Good is a fundraising platform where you can fundraise for your individual gymnast(s). 

All new website with a simplier way to upload receipts and collect rewards. TAGG is now a website - so you can TAGG on a computer, smartphone, or tablet simply by visiting 

FIRST TIME USERS - Registering your gymnast will allow their name to appear in the drop down box on the website, and direct the funds to your booster account.

You can register your gymnast here: 


  1. Visit any of the participating businesses and keep your receipt.

  2. Go to and follow the prompts

  3. Choose Premier Booster Club under 'Select Who to Support' and your gymnast's name.

  4. Take a photo of your receipt and 'Submit TAGG'


It takes less than 15 seconds to TAGG a purchase and then you are done and the money automatically comes back to your booster account.

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